Dance Class Review: Sugar Push, Tooting

Dance class review is a series where I attend dance classes wherever I go and then give you feedback on what to expect. That way you can easily check which classes you might be interested in attending, how much the class is and even see an example of the teaching.

  • Price: 💃 💃 💃 💃 
  • Accessibility (for new dancers): 💃 💃  💃  💃 💃
  • Teaching: 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃
  • Location: 💃 💃 
  • Lead/Follower ratio:  💃  💃  💃  

Sugar Push is a swing dance class that runs two weekly Lindy Hop classes. One on a Wednesday in Tooting (the class I attended), and one on a Sunday at King’s Cross. There are more Lindy Hop classes in London than any other type of Swing dance, which means there are a lot of choices! However, too much choice can also be a problem when there are so many different companies competing for your dancing feet! If you don’t know what Lindy Hop is then, welcome. You can read more about what Swing dancing and Lindy Hop is in my information post here. After you know what’s happening then you will know what I’m actually talking about!

Here’s a video of Lindy Hop in action if you’re interested to see first. I took this from a competitive video posted from two of my previous dance teachers, Ben and Robyn. They’re amazing dancers!

Now more on Sugar Push!

Sugar Push runs every Wednesday in Tooting at Sellincourt Road, Tooting
SW17 9SA
. This is inside the hall at Sellincourt Primary school. They also have another class on Sundays at The Lexington in King’s Cross: 96-98 Pentonville road, N1 9JB

The Class schedule, as taken from their website is:

7-8pm: Beginners

8-9pm: Improvers

Much like my previous review, Sugar Push have pretty good pricing in comparison with bigger companies, as you might expect. It is by no means the best I’ve seen or been to for price, but definitely a lot better than the majority of classes! Each of the classes is an hour long and there is a small break in between. The class isn’t filmed in between, but I did have to leave after only the first class so perhaps this would be done after or posted online for practice.

One class: £8

Two classes: £12.

Prices are the same regardless of if you bring a partner or not and I was not made aware of any special offers that make classes cheaper. Unless you are NHS staff, and then you get a 50% discount! Get dancing NHS staff!

Now that the usual background is over, it’s time for the review! As usual, we’re discussing atmosphere, imbalance of partners, teaching style, and teaching skill. I know going to a new class is scary so I want to make it as easy as possible!

These are all just my own opinions, but I feel they’re useful to be aware of before stepping into the dance world. It can be daunting and scary, and also an expensive hobby. It’s useful to know what will be available at events or classes, how they work and if they’re for you. If a teacher is good but goes very fast, this may not be for you if you need someone to go over things slowly for you, and if a class is usually very crowded or quiet this may also be something you’ll want to know.

Location: Tooting. The area isn’t exactly the easiest to find and it’s kind of a trek from Central London if you live there. My main issue was that the class itself wasn’t well signposted at the school (probably more the school’s fault) and I crashed the PTA meeting and had to be given directions.

Price: Much better than classes that cost £10 per class, as you can get two classes for £12. Not too bad but I have seen better. However, the only proce I’ve been with an NHS discount so get your butts out dancing, NHS staff!

Note: There are no card machines at the class so you’ll need cash. I didn’t see one nearby either so I suggest bringing it with you.

Imbalance of dancers: When my friend an I arrived it became really apparent that there was a massive imbalance, so as a result I decided to dance as a lead. Both of the teachers and my friend and I had to dance as leads and there was still one follow left without a partner in the rotation.

Teachers: We had two female teachers who I’ve honestly forgotten the names of as this was over a month ago and I was still writing my dissertation at the time. Please don’t hate me, but they were great! One of the teachers was a stand in, and as such didn’t really talk much for the class.

Teaching style: Enjoyable and I learned quite a few little tricks that I haven’t encountered before with beginners classes, so you’re never too good to learn something, dancers! It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere and we got through quite a lot of content.

Teaching skill: Excellent! The majority of the class was on the older spectrum and I believe they are the most challenging people to teach personally. Older people have more of a concept of what their body is doing but aren’t as open in how to use it differently so they tend more into bad habits if they don’t dance already. All of these things weren’t an issue and the teachers corrected them really well.

Would I recommend this class? Definitely! It’s great value for money, everyone at the class was friendly, and the class was a lot less formal than others I’ve been to. If you’re a male dancer/ prefer to lead do please pop down!

Age range wise, we were probably the youngest there in our early 20s with most around 40s-50s.

Overall rating (out of five dancers): 💃 💃 💃 💃  

Once again, check out SugarPush on Wednesdays and Sundays!


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